Friday, August 7, 2009

An offer you can't refuse

A few weeks ago, I attended my organization's first general assembly, of which I was the promotions head. The event, called Omerta, had a mafia theme of sorts. 

I've already posted this outfit before (sans the fedora hat) but here are a couple of photos of me during the event:
with my best buddies, Brad and Angelina (I can dream, right??)

with Twinie, my blockmate/friend

Hallway Pass, a college street style blog, did a feature on me and my take on the "mafia" outfit. Check it out

Also, Glance Magazine picked me as one of the three "best dressed" people during the event. They even gave me a gift bag to boot. Look for me

Thanks for the features, guys!


photo credits: Mark Tiu

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