Thursday, October 1, 2009


Desire? Drown me in it anytime.

After all the hell weeks, the sleepless nights devoted to schoolwork, I went shopping and it was fantastic. It feels pretty awesome to know that final exams are cancelled and that schoolwork will be optional. It's my idea of school: all the people sans the tests.

I'm feeling like I'm going through a transition with my style recently. College is making it difficult to care about Fashion Weeks across the globe, and so I'm leaning towards the laid-back, grunge feel. I'm loving crop tops from Topshop and studded vests and blazers. I'm stocking up on statement rings, as I love it in Ateneo when my teachers notice me for them. What can I say? Great conversation starters--plus, you find out which of your professors are gay.

Sembreak is officially in 20 days. Which means, 20 days left to save money and diet. I'm excited to shop 'til I drop and wear all my new purchases but I'm not looking forward to idle time. Someone give me something to do!


(Bag, rings and bracelet from Dorothy Perkins, everything else from Topshop)

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