Saturday, November 15, 2008

Well,that's what they all say

No sleep+stress=bad skin and eyebags
My almost empty drink and my Starbucks planner promo card

Today, I treated myself to a tall Dark Cherry Mocha frappuccino from Starbucks because:
a.) It's a Saturday and instead of sleeping in, I have to force myself out of bed to go to school and study Accounting---a subject I very much despise.
b.) I'm collecting stickers for the 2009 Starbucks planner. Admittedly, the current planner design isn't as nice compared to previous designs but I'm still getting one anyway. So far, I have 8 stickers on my card but Jill's helping me out and I think she's collected around 6 stickers for me already. 
c.) I wanted to try all the Starbucks holiday drinks and the Dark Cherry Mocha frappuccino's the only drink I haven't tried yet.
d.) I need my caffeine fix.

On other news, I think I'm in love:
Of course, I still prefer dSLRs over compact cameras but this camera is just so beautiful. The Canon G10's features are similar to a dSLR's although packed in a much smaller body. I want this camera because while it's convenient, it doesn't sacrifice photo quality. Also, if I have a Canon G10, I wouldn't have to carry a bulky and battered Canon 350D everywhere anymore. Haha!

Alas, I can only dream. Besides, this is what I'm really saving up for:




totallywired said...

I'm in love with Dark Cherry Mocha. It's the only christmas drink that I drink and I'm in the same boat with you; instead of sleeeping in it's gonna be a long night for me due to video editing! Ack!

mj and jill said...

Hmm as for me, I like the Toffee Nut frappuccino best.

Pfft academics.Why must school always get in the way?Haha!

trisha said...

i like toffee nut the best too (out of the christmas ones) but white chocolate mocha is my love!
and yes i finally got a username to make this blog! haha!

btw, we missed each other at starbucks last thursday! i was there with UP people then my sister and her friends then i saw jilly and monique! but you were at class daw, sayang.

STARBUCKS TAMBAY PLEASE! i have lots of long breaks again! and i'm feeling vain again, and i just went shopping! haha!

mj and jill said...

Yes,please!I have LOTS of long breaks so just let me know when you're free. Also, I can help you with the Starbucks planner thing since I've just completed mine.Haha!