Monday, November 17, 2008

Shopping List

Back to school technically means back to living with pocket money at last, and money means shopping. Saturday night, I bought a pair of black boots and found myself in the beginning of a Shoe Craze. Sunday afternoon at Duty Free I saw a pair of purple-and-black BCBG heels, brown knee-high Segue boots and black suede Michael Kors heels. I'm going mad, screw comfort, I want them all.

Gotta be practical, though. I'm adding to my shopping list a short dress like Mary-Kate Olsen's, a long cardigan like Rachel Bilson's, denim shorts (when will I ever find the right one? This has been on my list for months already) and a high-waisted skirt like Alexa Chung's. Chop chop shop!


Photos credit to: Flickr

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